Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Best Japanese Platform Bed With An Exotic Look

A Japanese platform bed is a bed of a certain style which is much lower than the average bed, sitting near the ground. As a platform bed, they do not require box springs, because they have a strong foundation to support any mattress. A good solution, easily accessible, this bed adds elegance to any room.

A distinctive feature of this bed is a simple style and simple. Has a cover design, to keep the mattress and box spring at the same level for the exotic look. Style should be inspired by the architecture and design of the Japanese pagoda.

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Usually, with an area of ​​the side panel of 5 inches or more, most of the Japanese platform bed has a foot inserted to make them look like they are floating on the floor.

Designed to allow people of normal height for sit and go without much effort, the bed can be accessed from anywhere - unless you have a headboard Although the design looks the air is very basic, the bed is Japanese in solid wood of high quality and comes in light different and dark finishes to any modern room.

With a simple and elegant style, they can transform the room into a haven of relaxation. Despite the need, some people prefer to buy a carpet to be used in a bed frame straw mats are traditionally used for different people and land objects - in this case, the "field" is a basic bed.

The combination of smooth curves with straight lines, the Japanese Zen bed is designed to promote health and healing, as well as good luck and prosperity. Many come with a bedside table or bedside table to complete the look.

Lightweight and easy to assemble, the Japanese platform beds are easy to move and make it comfortable for modern life today.